“Make your Own Luck,” is what they like to say at 13 Fishing, but when it comes to quality products 13 Fishing not only helps me perform everyday on charters, TV or tournaments, 13 Fishing allows my customers to have the edge on the fish!  From my Omen Green’s to my FATE’s they withstand the punishment of 100’s of fish caught weekly from 5lbs to 45lbs! Yes, 13 Fishing products are what brings the fish to the boat every single day! Thanks 13 Fishing for allowing me to “Make my Own Luck!!” -Capt. Charlie Thomason

While 13 is young in life it is already diverse and strong in product development.

You can find us on the shores of The Gulf Coast, diving down for scallops in the waters of Stienhatchee. We are on the highest level of the bass tours, promoting some of the youngest and brightest anglers in the world. We are even on the frozen lakes of Northern Minnesota, drilling holes and wondering why anyone is out in this weather.

When it comes to product it all comes back to the angler, if you find yourself sitting here and coming up with a great idea, market or program we should look into, please don’t hesitate to drop a line (forgive the pun).

And as we like to say here at 13…

Make your own luck!