Capt. Joe Vinson

Native of New Orleans, Louisiana and a seasoned guide with Bayou Charters. When fishing with Capt. Joe, you will be riding in his new 26ft 2016 Triton LTS powered with a hefty 300hp Four Stroke motor. From fishing the interior shallow flats to the open waters of Breton Sound, Capt. Joe has the experience to put you on a trip of a lifetime.

Capt. Greg Boudreaux

Capt. Greg Boudreaux is a native of St. Bernard Parish and as you can tell from the sound of his Cajun name, he is surely a local. As you climb aboard his 24ft SeaFox Bay Boat powered by a 250hp Four Stroke motor, Capt. Greg will be anxious to get you fishing for memories that will last for a lifetime.


Hello, Bayou Charters Fans!!!  What a year so far! Because most of you follow us on Facebook, you have seen the outrageous fishing trips that we have been having since the beginning of the year.